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Table of contents
    1. Additional winter warnings
  2. Homeowners Insurance
  3. Vacation Rentals
  4. Merch
  5. Internet
  6. Electricity
  7. Outages
    1. PG&E Programs Available to Residents
  8. Propane
  9. Water & Garbage
  10. Schools
  11. Emergency Services and Notifications
  12. Plowing (Updated for 2023-2024 season)
  13. Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines
  14. Other Local Services
  15. Helicopters?
  16. Burning
  17. Social
  18. Helpful Mobile Apps & Websites
  19. Communications!


Pollock Pines is right at the snow line, which leads you to believe that it doesn’t snow much. However, we can a lot of snow! In early 2023, up to 7 feet was recorded on the ground at one point. It’s not uncommon to get 2-3 feet of snow in a single storm.

A 4x4 is highly recommended (Jeep & Toyota 4Runner are popular “go anywhere” choices). If you have a long/steep driveway, you may need a snowblower.

Additional winter warnings

  • If you don’t have a 4x4, you’re going to need chains to get around town, and to get to town after a storm. Chain controls on US-50 are common. The speed limit is 25mph when chains are required. Read more about chain controls here.
  • Sly Park Rd can be especially icy - watch out for black ice. Drive very slowly when the temperature is below freezing!

We have a list of local plow services below.

Homeowners Insurance

Almost all properties in Pollock Pines will require you to have two policies. The first is the California Fair Plan for fire and another “wrap-around” policy for everything else. Local insurance brokers can help you. Expect to pay $4k or more per year for insurance, based on distance from the fire station and a fire hydrant.

Vacation Rentals

If you are considering making a home a vacation rental, understand that El Dorado County has strict vacation rental rules. Read about them here. You must get a fire inspection, permit, and no other rentals can be within 500 feet. Additionally, some HOAs may prohibit them. Please block off your Airbnb calendar when significant snowfall is expected. The residents have a hard enough time getting around town without unprepared tourists getting stuck in the snow!


  • True Value sells “Pollock Pines - Nature’s Wonderland” license plate frames
  • The Pollock Pines Epic is a great book about the history of Pollock Pines


Xfinity (Comcast) is the fastest internet provider in town. Starlink is #2 (requires a clear view of the sky). Everyone else is a distant third (, Verizon/Tmobile, etc).


Electricity is provided by Pacific Gas & Electric, although Pollock Pines residents are automatically being opted into power sold by Pioneer Community Energy. You will still have to pay a PG&E fee for lines & maintenance, and it’s unclear whether electricity prices will go up or down by moving to Pioneer. If you wish to “stick with the devil you know” and opt out of Pioneer Energy, visit Pioneer’s opt-out page here.

Electricity in Pollock Pines is expensive at over 44 cents per kilowatt-hour. Solar is a good idea here!


Pollock Pines residents may experience power shutoffs during red flag warnings in the summer. Red flag warnings are declared by the US Weather Service and CalFire. It can be frustrating when power is shut off while winds appear calm in Pollock Pines. The simple answer is that many factors go into a red flag warning, not limited to available fuel AND water content of the fuel, humidity, temperature, and wind (and not just wind in town, but wind anywhere between where power is generated and town - including gusty mountain tops).

During the winter, trees will fall on power lines and cause outages.

While power is out - whether it be during a summer PSPS or a winter storm, the hum of generators will be what you hear throughout town! Be prepared. Power outages in Pollock Pines can last a week.

PG&E Outage Map

When it comes to generators, you have several options:

  • Least expensive (under $500): Non-inverter type generator: Loud and uses more fuel (gasoline).
  • A bit more expensive ($500-1000): Inverter type generator: Quiet and uses less fuel (gasoline)
  • Expensive: ($7000-15000 professionally installed): A whole home generator with auto-transfer switch (propane). Chandler Electric is a local company that sells and maintains Generac generators.

Your smart electricity meter will show how much power you are using at any given time. Use this information to judge how big of a generator you need. 2000 watts is enough to run the internet, TV, some lights, maybe a fridge. 3500 watts may be enough to run your whole home as long as you are NOT using any high-draw appliances such as coffee maker, hair dryer, microwave, water heater, or air conditioner. A harbor freight predator 3500-watt unit is a good value.

Remember that generators are internal combustion engines and require maintenance. Oil changes, spark plugs, etc.

PG&E Programs Available to Residents

PG&E offers several programs available to residents:


Many of our homes are heated by propane. If you lease a propane tank, you are contractually obligated to have your tank filled by the company you are leasing it from.

If you own your tank, it is beneficial to get accounts with several propane companies so you can get the best prices. Many companies will require a safety check before filling a tank for the first time.

Every July, 49er Propane offers a “July special” that is often the cheapest in the county. In 2023, it was $1.49/gal, in 2024 it is $1.39/gal.

Wilson Gas has confirmed a June 2024 price of $1.50. Signature has confirmed a June 2024 price of $1.55. 49er Propane has confirmed a July price of $1.39.

Below is a list of propane companies available to us:

  • Ferrell Gas (530)265-5896 Delivery fee: $23.98
  • Campora (530) 644-4932 Delivery fee $9.95
  • Kamps (530) 642-0140 Delivery fee $12.95
  • JS West (530) 642-7001 Delivery fee $13.95
  • Suburban (530) 622-4664 Delivery fee unknown
  • Amerigas (530) 622-4777 Delivery fee $17.38
  • Signature (530) 626-4630 Delivery fee $8.67
  • 49er (530) 626-4630 Delivery fee $0
  • Hunt & Sons (530) 338-4241 Delivery fee $7.75
  • Interstate (800) 452-6572 Delivery fee $9.50
  • Wilson Gas (530) 401-1547 Delivery fee $0

Water & Garbage

Water is provided by El Dorado Irrigation (530) 622-4513

Garbage is provided by El Dorado Disposal (530) 626-4141

Bears are common in Pollock Pines, so make sure your garbage cans are secured!

The dump is located at 4100 Throwita Way, Placerville


Pollock Pines offers two elementary schools: Pinewood Elementary (K-4) and Sierra Ridge Middle School (5-8). High school students attend El Dorado High School in Placerville. Access to Pinewood in the winter can be a challenge - Pine St is not plowed if school is not open, and once school opens, it may not be driveable in a regular car.

Emergency Services and Notifications

Plowing (Updated for 2023-2024 season)

Here is a list of plowing services in Pollock Pines. Please contact them directly for pricing and availability. If any businesses want to be listed here, send us an email. We only list businesses that are licensed and insured.

  • Beathams snow removal: 530-620-8224. We will be running a skid steer as well as snowblowers. So whatever your need is, we have it covered! Give us a call today!
  • Kingpin Services: 530-748-3293. Offering contract/membership plowing services. Note: Kingpin may not be available for on-demand plowing during storms unless you are a member.
  • AMS Services: 530-409-5754. We have a track skid steer with a V Plow and can get those hard to get to drives/roads and can get oin top of berms and do push backs.
  • Key and Sons: 530-363-6348 and 530-306-4787. Offering on-demand plows with their plow truck.
  • SVNShine Snow Removal: 530-417-3371. New local company with a stage 3 industrial snow blower for driveways, roofs, walkways, and decks. Servicing upper/lower Ridgeway, Goldridge, and surrounding areas.
  • Jared Bennett: 530-718-3700. My family moved to Pollock Pines last year. After getting so much snow last year I decided to buy a truck and plow. If anyone needs their driveway plowed I am looking for more customers.

Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines

The Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines (CEDAPP) is a volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of Pollock Pines and to developing and maintaining an environment that will improve the economic prosperity of the Pollock Pines community and its supporters, while enhancing the quality of life of its citizens.

Support businesses that support our community! You can find a list of businesses here.

Sign up for their newsblast email list for updates on local events and happenings.

Other Local Services


Hear helicopters flying overhead? It’s most likely PG&E, who inspects the electric lines regularly via IR cams on helicopters. You can see all aircraft overhead @ FlightRadar24

The El Dorado County Sheriff also has a helicopter. They requested that FlightRadar24 not show it on the map, but you can see it on ADSBExchange here. Its tail number is N176SC.


El Dorado permits individuals to burn their yard waste on “burn days.” Currently, CalFire requires a free burn permit for all piles larger than 4x4. Please check to see if today is a burn day and obtain a permit:


Is your vehicle stuck? Check out the NorCal 4x4 Rescue group, full of friendly individuals who can help rescue you!

Helpful Mobile Apps & Websites


The El Dorado Amateur Radio Club sponsors a Radio Neighborhood Watch. They will provide you with a pre-programmed radio at a very low cost that you can use to check in with your neighbors during an emergency - even if the internet and cellular networks are down! The radios will let you communicate throughout the town and beyond. They even have a weekly ‘check-in’ where everyone makes sure their radios are working properly.

It does require a license, but no test is required. You simply pay $35 to the FCC and it covers your entire family.

Here are links to more information:

They also offer scanner programming services for those that want to listen in to the local sheriff and fire departments.

For those with an amateur radio license, the following repeaters are accessible throughout town:

  • “The 805” (146.805 -.600, PL123.0)
  • AG6AU (147.825 -.600, PL82.5)